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Dragon Tales
- For age 7+
 Delightful stories
 of dragons from
 around the world
- Audio CD
 (60 minutes
  live recording)
 £7.99 + p&p
- Available direct
  from Chloë

- Dragon Tales
  illustrated storybook

  Available online from
 Amazon, just £2.56
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 name Chloë of the
 Midnight Storytellers

- In hard copy soon

Featured guest lecturer
at 2012 international
Tolkien conference
"Return of the Ring'


Department motto:
Only the keenest survive


Photo credits:

DragonProof Cloak
 by Ken Skehan

Sparkle Coat
 by March Hamilton Media
 (with thanks to Greenham Hall,
* Costume by
 A J Machin at
 Dragons & Unicorns


AGENT GREEN - Dragon Whisperer
Remember the Men In Black?   (albeit with difficulty...)
Remember Hogwarts?
Imagine that they combined...

Now meet the woman from a department so secret, even British spy bosses don't know it exists: DCHQ. Dragon Conservation Headquarters.

Known simply as Agent Green, she is the world's only (surviving) dragon whisperer.

As DCHQ's top draconics expert, she can answer ALL your questions about dragons. How to survive your first encounter with a wild dragon. Stabling and feeding. What to wear for formal meetings with dragons. Plus important first aid such as What to do if your dragon's flame goes out.

Dragons can be difficult friends... but they are superb storytellers. Through long winter nights, warming her with hot coils of tail, Agent Green's dragon companion has told her many an astonishing legend.
    And he's given her permission to tell these stories to the rest of the world.
    The result is DRAGON TALES - now available on spoken word CD and as an illustrated e-book [see note, left margin].

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(Security clearance and landing arrangements permitting)

► Dragon Tales show for age 7+
► Masterclass in the Care & Training of Dragons for older children, young adults and fantasy fans of all ages.

Who is Agent Green?

Raised by a grandmother with fairy ancestry, she was first introduced to wild dragons by her godfather - a top Cambridge academic turned rogue.

While still at university, Agent Green was recruited to DCHQ Cheltenham - not to be confused with the spy base in the same town. For more than 20 years she has been vital to the Department's top secret work.

Her first name and the truth about her birth remain closely guarded secrets, but she can reveal that her lifetime's mission is to contact and protect dragons.

* 'Agent Green's Case Notes' - coming soon 
   Discover the extraordinary life of a draconics expert.
   This book will make you question everything you thought you knew about dragons.
   - Will be available as Audio book and E-Book. Suitable for young adults and fantasy fans.

"To have a dragon for a friend and trusted companion is deeply rewarding,"says Agent Green. "You will also be regularly terrified. If you're stupid, you'll die. If you're disrespectful, you'll die. If you're badly dressed, you'll wish you could die. The Department motto is 'only the keenest survive'." 

No seriously...
Who is Agent Green?

'Agent Green' is a stage persona of Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers, the Cotswold based spoken word artist, slam poet and writer. As a walkabout character and in shows, she portrays a fantasy secret agent whose mission is to contact and save the world's last remaining dragons.
- Suitable for Schools and for Family entertainment
- Perfect for Fantasy and SciFi conventions
- Chloë is an Equity member
- £10m Public Liability Insurance   Enhanced CRB clearance


"Welcome to Dragon Clinic!" - Agent Green the Dragon Whisperer offers hot health tips for dragons